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Recent publications

OHBM MEEG guidelines

It has been a privilege to co-chair the MEEG COBIDAS now summarized in our Nature Neuroscience paper

Genetics-BIDS extension

Our latest BIDS work on adding Genetics metadata and links to your neuroimaging data now in GigaScience

Mindfulness Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Great work from 2 students looking at grey matter changes due to mindfulness practice

How do MRI anatomical packages deal with variablility?

Last paper from my former PhD student comparing FreeSurfer (DK and DKT) and BrainSuite

Recent Blogs

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Whole EEG sensor space analysis

Bootstrapping and multiple comparisons correction in EEG

A Matlab tutorial for bootstrapping with an introduction to multiple comparisons correction in EEG.

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GDPR in a nutshell

GDPR for open brain imaging

What it means for research to protect privacy?

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How do sofware make brain parcels?

Assessing anatomical brain parcellation

Making sure the right regions and borders are obtained is essential for morphometry, ROI analyses and connectivity

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Should we use quotas?

Encouraging diversity in science

Discussing Equality vs Equity